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The Transylvanian Plateau wine region

Beside the beauty and the mysticism of the places, which had inspired many stories (such as Dracula), this region has a very rich history. Transylvania is the home for many ethnic population, especially Hungarians and Germans who had substantially influenced the local culture, including the wine making.

jelna romanian winery


A young family of wine entrepreneurs from Jelna, a village in the Northern Transylvanian county of Bistrita-Nasaud – fascinated by winemaking, terroir and the culture that comes with it – dreams to reawaken and protect the sustainable wine heritage and spirit that have laid dormant in the region’s rolling hills.

jidvei romanian winery


Jidvei Wines is considered to be the second motherland of the Tarnave Wine Region. Tarnave recognizes that in the second half of the thirteenth century there was a mass colonization by the Saxons from the Mosel Rhine Valley. The Saxons founded Jidvei also known in German as Seiden.

liliac winery


In each bottle of Liliac you will find a dedication to quality, attention to detail, and a spiritual connection to the soil and the Transylvanian climate, decanted by Austrian experience and innovative winemaking techniques.

lechburg romanian winery


In our cellar the DOC certified organic wines mature: 80% of white wine and 20% of red wine. Our philosophy is the right balance between tradition and progress which is essential to obtain important wines. The concrete tanks recovered and renovated along with the technological input are the perfect symbol of integration between old and new.

villa vinea romanian winery

Villa Vinea

Villa Vinea estate is located on a gentle hill at 330-350 m above sea level, with generous exposition to the south, right above Tarnava Mica river.  The Tarnave region of Transylvania is one of the best for white grapes in Romania, but recently the red varieties planted during the past 15 years, produced quality crops and an excellent lot of Pinot Noirs and Feteasca Neagra.

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