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The Dobrogea Hills wine region

The Dobrogea Hills wine region is located in the south-east part of Romania being surrounded mainly by waters: the Danube river in the west and north and its Danube Delta, the Black Sea in the east.

It is the region where we meet the oldest land in Romania – the antic Macin Mountains, but also the newest – the Danube Delta which is continuously growing and transforming.

bogdan domain romanian winery

Bogdan Domain

We embarked on our journey in 2011, when we planted our vineyards stretching over 154 hectares located in Dobrogea, the land between the Danube and the Black Sea, in the renowned Murfatlar D.O.C. wine region, near the village of Peștera, an area with a tradition of grape cultivation since antiquity.

la sapata romanian winery

La Sapata

Nature in the Danube Delta has a magical quality of its own. It is a region where the bond between, man, the vineyard and the countryside have achieved a balance which is unique in the world. This is why we have invested here and why we want to contribute to the production of great wines which will acquaint others with this wonderful land.



The sun is the symbol of Rasova, our logo, because it is an essential factor in the growth of our vineyard, alongside our sandy soils and the breeze that comes from the River Danube, which together create a unique environment enjoyed by our vines.

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