Romanian wineries

The Crișana Hills and the Maramureș wine region

Located in the north-west part of Romania, the wine making here was influenced by the west European style. Austro-Hungarian emperors preferred wines from Crișana and Maramureș.

Darabont Family

At the third generation of vine-growers, our family manages over 40 hectares of vineyards. Vines grown with great passion, carefully selected grapes and cutting-edge technologies ensure that our wines are of the highest quality and portray the tipicity of Crisana’s limestone, clay and loess-dominated terroir.



Carastelec Sparkling Winery is the first investment in Romania aimed at producing mostly sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. This “natural amphitheatre” near the village, on the top of a slope, is a real “treasure” hill with a specific microclimate chosen by Tibor Gál, one of Hungary’s leading oenologists, years ago.

Balla Géza

Our wines have a specific personality, the red ones are intensely colored, pleasantly velvety, fine and fruity, on which the terroir of Miniș leaves its mark. We are using classic winemaking technologies following the concept of minimal intervention, without selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature, followed by a period of maturation in large barrels and some in small barrels, most on second or third use.

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