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Wine industry in Romania is a special case. On one hand we have a historical tradition that goes for more than 4000 years, the downfall during a tumultuous communist period and on the other hand we have the new businesses with both Romanian and International investors.

The vine is part of Romanians life, all traditions are related to wine. No wonder that 60-70% of our market is represented by self-production. Making wine at home is a form of personal emancipation. But also means lack of standards, landmarks and resistance to change.

This is the context in which our wine industry started to rebuild its philosophy with a lot of patience, know how and commitment.

The evolution is surprising, especially compared to other economic sectors. The newcomers revolutionized tastes, the old boys changed their vision and made a huge jump towards quality.

Not less than 250 cellars now operate in Romania, the country ranked sixth in the European wine list and 12th in the world.

The market is set and the only way to go is forward. We have modern vineyards and wineries with state of the art technology, with highly qualified viticulturists and oenologists.

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Romania is the 10th biggest wine producer in the world, offering a wide variety of styles and tastes with unique character. Learn more about Romania wine regions Romanian wine regions

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