Romanian wineries

The Banat Hills wine region

Despite being the smallest, due to the good quality of the terroirs and the proper climate, the region has known one of the best developments of wine industry, mostly because of foreign investments targeting high quality wines making. The climate is influenced by the Danube River and being in the proximity of the Mediterranean area.


Petro Vaselo

The Petro Vaselo goal is to obtain unique and recognizable quality wines and everything starts by knowing the grape variety and the conditions under which they have arrived at maturity.


Cramele Recaș

The main “ingredients” of winemaking at Cramele Recaş include passion, the pursuit of optimal quality standards and continuous performance. Hartley and Nora, our winemakers, who have dedicated a history of more than 14 years to the creation of the most famous and beloved wines in our portfolio, prove it to us.

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