About us We are a group of people grateful for living in a country and period so exciting for wine making. Sharing a deep passion for wines, we discovered in the past years the hidden treasures, unknown even to many Romanians: the authentic grape varieties.

We followed our heart and created the website, aiming to promote this authentic expression and symbols of our land and its ancient wine culture and make them accessible to everyone. The wine list was created by us, after tasting wine by wine.

Our goal is for a bottle of our wines to represent a piece of our enthusiasm and be savored with joy.We are strongly committed to maintaining our objectivity. We have the deepest respect and consideration for all producers in their quest for authenticity and innovation in the same time. We are on a constant search for experiences that will allow us to discover new wine personalities.

Our Team

  • maria-vatamanu

    Maria Vatamanu

    Marketing & Communication

  • vlad-lipovanu

    Vlad Lipovanu


  • gabi-vatamanu

    Gabi Vatamanu


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