Romanian wineries

The Moldovan Hills wine region

Many great Romanian wines are produced here. It is the birthplace of many indigenous rare grapes, like Fetească Neagră – top red grape, Busuioacă de Bohotin – the only grape that produces pure rose wines, or whites fresh & fruity Frâncușă, Șarbă, Plăvaie, Grasă de Cotnari.

Averești Estates

The fruit of the over 650 hectares of vineyards spreading over the Avereşti is transformed with passion and skill in fresh, bright and aromatic wines. Year-on-year we begging the same path as a continuous procession: we take care of the vineyards and collect the fruits that we turn into wines that enchant all senses. Each year.

cotnari romanian winery

Cotnari Wine House

The Cotnari Wine House has its roots in the ancient Romanian times, while the native varieges made rumors among the rulers and competed on the large boyars’ tables. The emblem of the Cotnari Wine House captures Vlădoianu Castle, built in 1901 by Vlădoianu himself, a former BNR governor and distinguished winegrower, as pure inspiration in the wine story.

girboiu romanian winery

Gîrboiu winery

The Girboiu family has always guaranteed the style and quality of the wines by being personally and directly involved in every stage of the production process. An indisputable support has always been represented by the well-trained team behind the brand.

Hermeziu romanian winery


Hermeziu stands for destiny, valour and vigour. It is the story of the Negruzzi Dynasty domain. It is the vibration of the wine of 200 years ago, nowadays passed as legend with preface. White, red or rosé, the wines Hermeziu Winery brings to the attention of the public contain. above all. sparkles of story, mystery and literature.

panciu romanian winery


Since 2009, Panciu Domains are the heart and soul of the wines from the over 120 hectares of vines located in this area of Vrancea. We set out on the road with a mission that over the years has been the basis of the activities and decisions made, namely to make a natural, quality and 100% Romanian product by continuously exploiting the potential of the Panciu vineyard.

strunga romanian winery


Strunga wines come from the Dealurile Moldovei wine area, near the Miclauseni Castle, which reminds us of the glory of the olden times. The wine we make at Strunga has a strong personality, being a tribute to the tradition of the places, in a unique contemporary interpretation.

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