Romanian Wine Regions

Many countries have wine regions, but there are few wine-producing countries which can say that the entire country is a wine-producing region. All 7 of Romania’s historical regions produce wine. Many people who dream of owning vineyards and producing wine have bought up land in Romania because the terroirs are comparable with Italy, Germany and France.

Podisul Transilvaniei

Transylvania is the home for many ethnic population, especially Hungarians and Germans who have been substantially influencing the local culture, including the wine making.

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Dealurile Moldovei

This region is the biggest and the most important, especially in terms of wine production and the Romanian indigenous vine planted.

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Dealurile Munteniei si Olteniei

Here we have one of the biggest wine industry development due to the old vineyards rebirth.

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Crisana & Maramures

Located in the north-west part of Romania, the wine making here was influenced by the west European style. Austro-Hungarian emperors preferred wines from Crisana and Maramures.

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Despite being the smallest, due to the good quality of the terroirs and the proper climate, the region has known one of the best developments of wine industry, mostly because of foreign investments targeting high quality wines making.

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Colinele Dobrogei

The region is located in the south-east part of Romania being surrounded mainly by waters: the Danube river in the west and north and its Danube Delta, the Black Sea in the east.

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Terasele Dunarii

The region is one of the most divided due to the land relief, the grapes variety and the wine making styles. Representative for this region is the heat and the sandy soil that help to produce high quality wines.

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