Transilvania Wine Region

Podișul Transilvaniei (Siebenbürgisches Becken, The Transylvanian Plateau) is in the center of Romania, like a fortress surrounded by the highest Romanian mountains.

Beside the beauty and the mysticism of the places, which had inspired many stories (such as Dracula), this region has a very rich history. Transylvania is the home for many ethnic population, especially Hungarians and Germans who had substantially influenced the local culture, including the wine making.

There are five DOC wine regions along three river valleys (Târnava, Mureș ans Sebeș) that are flowing from the mountains and bring the best minerals for the vineyards. Aiud, Alba Iulia, Sebeș-Apold, Lechința and Târnave wine regions have their well defined wine making stiles. Here, the traces of vine cultivation and wine production are more than 2000 years old.

The vines are planted on hills between 175 and 544 meters high, the medium inclination is between 15% and 30% and they are facing the south and west direction.

Specific for this region are the white and sparkling wines, influenced by the colder climate and the minerals from the mountains. Here is the birthplace of Fetească Regală (Royal maiden) grape.

Transylvania belongs to European wine growing zone B and has one of the best international rating for Romanian vineyards.

Wines from Podișului Transilvaniei

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