Maria Fetească Albă

55,90 lei

Maria Fetească Albă is one of the Owner’s Choice wine range, one of the most appreciated and imposing wines created by Jidvey winery. Maria is the name of the owner daughter.

The wine is charming, harmonious and elegant, it distinguishes trough the savory blending of acacia flowers, ripe pears, apples, grapefruit skin and lemon.

The color is bright greenish yellow and the body is elegant and balanced.

  • Alcohol: 12 %
  • Format: 0,75 l
  • Grape: Feteasca Alba
  • Region: Transilvania
  • Sugars: 4,0 g/l
  • Vineyard: Tarnave DOC
  • Color: White wine
  • Type: dry
  • Winery: Jidvei
  • Year: 2017

Jidvei is passion for the wine from the heart of Transylvania.

The Jidvei wines have been awarded with more than 300 medals from the most prestigious competitions world wide.

Jidvei is the biggest DOC wine producer from Romania, offering the widest range of wine products.

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