Friza Fetească Regală


Fine floral and autumn-fruity elements underscore this lively effervescent wine. Honeyed linden flower and wild flower notes, pear and quince flavours highlight this lightly bubbling white made from the local Fetească Regală variety. The exotic fruit and mineral hints on the finish give additional buoyancy to this off-dry petillant.

The fermentation was done following the Asti method, in pressurized stainless steel tank. When the fermentation was almost completed, the tank’s valves were closed, and the CO2 was trapped in the wine. This method gives extremely fruity, lightly bubbling wines, with 1 – 2,5 bars pressure in bottle, with a pleasant residual sugar and low alcohol content.

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C

Food pairing: Spicyfood, sushi, salads, fresh cheese.

  • Year: 2020
  • Color: Semi-Sparkling, White wine
  • Grape: Fetească regală
  • Region: The Crișana Hills and the Maramureș wine region
  • Winery: Carastelec
  • Alcohol: 11 %
  • Sugars: 1,3 g/l
  • Type: medium
  • Format: 0,75 l

Noble vine varieties were planted on 22.4 hectares in 2011.

The vines (6250/hectar) have been planted at a distance of 2 m/0.8 m; this density results in a concentrated high-quality production and leads to competition between the vines which will cause their roots to get to the harder mica schist much faster.

These grape varieties have been chosen based on the terroir and the mission of the Winery, that is, to produce mainly high-quality sparkling wines. Therefore, we have planted the varieties used for sparkling wine from the Champagne region, Fetească Regală of the local varieties and Rhine Riesling. The latter is a late-maturing variety which is highly susceptible to the so-called “noble rot” Botrytis cinerea, and thus we have the possibility to produce desert wine as well.

Almost half of our slopes are covered with Pinot Noir. Although Transylvania is located along a parallel that is favourable to white grape varieties, Pinot Noir, one of the oldest varieties, of over 1,000 years old, really likes this colder climate which enriches the wine with an abundant bouquet and an elegant style. Pinot Noir is used both for sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines, and for still wines such as Blanc de Noir, rosé and red wine maturated in oak barrels.

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