Reserva Fetească Neagră

44,90 lei

Reserva Fetească Neagră is a wine made from healthy and vigorous grapes carefully hand-picked.

Exquisite elegance of its body is given by the numerous and condensed ripe tannins which confer a silky texture to the wine. The flavors developed are fresh hot plum jam, blackberries and cinnamon.

Its medium-intense color is accented by purple shades.

Recommended Serving Temperature: 16-18 ° C

We recommend to have Reserva Fetească Neagră together with oven cooked duck with aromatic herbs and peas puree, or pork, dried plums and nuts roll.

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  • Winery: Domeniul Bogdan
  • Grape: Feteasca Neagra
  • Color: Red wine
  • Year: 2015
  • Region: Colinele Dobrogei
  • Alcohol: 13,5 %
  • Type: dry
  • Format: 0,75 l


In order to obtain a wine which follows the biodynamic principles from all points of view, we decided to build Domeniul Bogdan winery in the area of the vineyard destined to be not only a location designed for vinification, but more a wine sanctuary. Due to the fact that nature itself is the best own architect, at the base of our winery design stands the “gold ratio” principle, present in every aspect of nature.

We look after natural soil fertility without using chemical and synthetic products by conserving the biodiversity and soil regeneration, reactivating the agricultural land’s natural cycle. From a microbiological point of view, you can obtain healthy, strong and balanced wine culture only in a vital and rich soil.

Biodynamic agriculture embraces human millennial experience in harmony with nature rhythms toward a healthier life and food, a fact also confirmed by recent research and experiments.

  1. Roxana Steblea

    I loved this wine. It suited well with a light dinner, and was delicious with some cheese next to it. But I must say most of it I drank it simple, because… well it has a darn good taste!

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