Cuartz White


This sparkling wine is carefully conceived to provide a mixture of joy, taste and texture wrapped in fruity and floral scent. The wine making stile is charmat, with soft and delicate pearling.

It is defined by pale yellow color with greenish highlights and it pleasantly surprises by delicate and persistent bubbling. The taste is dominated by citrus, ripe pears, nuts and toast. The minerality of the soil is highly present in the wine.

The sparkling wine is carefully manufactured to provide a pleasant stimulus to the senses at every moment of the day.

  • Alcohol: 12 %
  • Grape: Fetească albă, Plavaie
  • Region: The Moldovan Hills wine region
  • Vineyard: Vrancea DOC
  • Color: Sparkling wine, White wine
  • Type: Brut Sparkling wines
  • Winery: Crama Girboiu
  • Format: 0,75 l

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Crama Gîrboiu is a family business started in 2005 which holds a vast area of approximately 200 hectares, unique through its story and the unique climate conditions of the region.

The domains is located in Cotești area, which distinguishes itself through favorable weather conditions and a soil rich in minerals – unique in the south-east part of Romania.

Crama Gîrboiu wishes to produce and to offer to consumers the best wines, renowned through the uniqueness of the region and the varieties grown in the famous Cotești domains, and also to honor the tradition of hundreds of years of good wine-making.

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