Bauer Crâmpoșie Selecționată


The roots of Crâmpoșie ancient grape variety can be identified in our region for over 2,000 years. However, until 2003 Crâmpoșia was considered to be just another simple variety of peasant grapes without real potential to become a noble wine. During its long history, it has adapted perfectly to the harsh continental climate in the Drăgăşani area.

The combination of ancient vineyards along with the care and understanding of vine cultivation allowed Crâmpoșie to develop grapes today with a very complex aromatic profile and an almost perfect balance between moderate sugar levels and high acidity. Thus, Crâmpoșia offers us a wide range of possibilities, from sparkling to sweet wines.

We view this semi-sweet Crâmpoșie as not a dessert, but another elegant and easy interpretation of this variety.

The color is bright golden yellow that prepare for the elegant scent and the exotic aroma. It is notable the aromas of ripe yellow fruits, elder flower, linden flower, together with the smooth mineral notes.

The round taste reveals notes of green apple and citrus, completing the fresh effect of this wine.

Savor this wine next to a portion of spicy seafood, sushi or saichi, cold pate or a fruit tart.

  • Year: 2020
  • Color: White wine
  • Grape: Crâmpoșie selecționată
  • Region: The Munteniei & Olteniei Hills region
  • Winery: Crama Bauer
  • Alcohol: 10 %
  • Sugars: 43,8 g/l
  • Type: Medium Sweet
  • Format: 0,75 l

Character and authenticity – the values we believe in. In all aspects of winemaking and cultivation of vines we strive to create perfect conditions so that our wines speak distinctly and convincingly.

Balance, sustainability and understanding of the relationship with nature are the most important issues for us. In this way, we can reduce the influence of the technique to a reasonable minimum.

Our goal is to rediscover and show the amazing potential of Romanian varieties and the unique terroir. For us, the true art of winemaking is to understand the personality of each variety and to respect specific needs and expressions. Our goal is to do what is necessary at the right time and to the right extent.

The philosophy of “Natural Creativity” is also a mirror of our confidence in diversity and not in the concept of “best wine”

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