Colocviu la Paris


It is a unique variety, like Paris and the city lights seen from Montmartre hill.

Busuioacă de Bohotin can be defined as a rare pearl of which we produce a limited edition. It is one of the few grapes in the word that produce rose wine.

Usually this variety is used to make sweet wines. This dry wine it’s a proof of the great versatility of the grape. The color has delicate shades of pink. The attractive aromas and refined taste define the typicality of the variety with fresh and sweet sense.

A new version of romance and love. An emblematic wine. Vive la vie en rose.

  • Year: 2020
  • Color: Rosé wine
  • Grape: Busuioacă de Bohotin
  • Region: The Moldovan Hills wine region
  • Winery: Cotnari Winery
  • Alcohol: 12,5 %
  • Sugars: 2,4 g/l
  • Type: dry
  • Format: 0,75 l

The Cotnari Company has been the heart of Cotnari vineyard since 1948. The local people’s love for the vine culture and the fruit has taught us to cherish every sunny grape and to share with others the joy of life.

The wine’s journey is long but full of rewards. We pemanently take care of more than 1700 vine hectares through top agricultural operations. Our specialists work in the company laboratories and the vineyard searching new varieties of vines or new wine blends.

The secret of the Cotnari wines exceptional quality is that the average yield per hectare represents only 70% up to 80% of the yield obtained by any other vineyard from Romania or other wine-growing countries. Thus, our company always chooses quality over quantity. We treasure our most successful collection starting with the 1957 one in the collection.

The holy vineyard from Cotnari, named by Dimitrie Cantemir, represent the result of an ancient wine-making occupation. From old time until today, the vine has continuously embraced the soft hills and took advantage of the region’s characteristics.

The vineyard is sheltered from local winds and cold air currents due to the air masses „foehn” phenomenon, which causes a heating process. In May – September period is characterized by low cloudiness, favorable to insolation, grape growth and sugar accumulation. The soil is extremely propitious for wine-growing, with a sandy-clayey composition, rich in humus and changeable bases.

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