Apogeum Fetească Neagră


Apogeum is an example that the everyday team-work and effort at Tohani is valued accordingly.

Consumed and much enjoyed even by European elites such as Francois Hollande, President of France, Apogeum Fetească Neagră reinforces the fact that it is one of the best red wines in Romania, moving forward from the status of “our beloved wine” to a benchmark of the industry.

Apogeum is a wine that represents the apex of more than 15 years of team effort invested in a big dream: Fetească Neagră. That is entirely because the Fetească Neagră of Tohani, our national representative variety, benefits of the best conditions to achieve maximum quality, thanks to excellent soil and climate conditions.

Let’s toast a glass of this precious wine from our limited edition! We are pleased to share with you a “sip” of the prestige we believe utterly enables it to assert the quality of the finest Fetească Neagră of Romania, since its first harvest.

The color is purple red with garnet hues, the smell is intense, elegant, with balsamic notes, ripe plums and dark forest fruits.

The taste is round, full body type, with some chocolate and herbal scents.

Apogeum 2016 Edition – Bronze Medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2020
Apogeum 2017 Edition – Gold Medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

  • Year: 2016
  • Color: Red wine
  • Grape: Fetească neagră
  • Region: The Munteniei & Olteniei Hills region
  • Winery: Domeniile Tohani
  • Type: dry
  • Alcohol: 14,8 %
  • Sugars: 2 g/l
  • Format: 0,75 l

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Placed amidst the Dealu Mare region, Tohani spans on seven sunny hills, blessed by a special climate. Thanks to the South-Eastern orientation of the hills it makes them receive generous sun caresses. Thus, grapes enjoy the sun 14 more days a year, in comparison to other vine growing areas of the country. Consequently, the beans reach maturity earlier and have more time for their quality assemblage.

Podgoria Tohani, as well as the famous Bordeaux vineyards, also benefits of its geographic position on the 45 degrees parallel.

The Mediterranean microclimate, that makes it possible for the fig and almond to grow here, offered vine cultivation extraordinary conditions, thus Tohani wines show intense colour and aroma, corpulence and organoleptic balance.

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